"A free image editing software."

PhotoFiltre is used to make changes in our photos. To add some special effects to our photos like raining effect, colors, adding some objects, make two photos into one, to make a color photo into black and white etc. This software is more useful to studios and designing people and also to the students. This software make more creativity and ideas in our mind to modify the image. Pros: -solid for a free image editor. -reads large amount of image formats. -Quick batch convert/processing. -optimizable color palette. -Quick contrast/hue/saturation buttons. Cons: -Limited amount of filters. -Unintuitive image explorer. -Crowded and not customizable interface. -Doesn't include layers. We compare this PhotoFiltre software with Photoshop PhotoFiltre software has more features and easy to work. This software enters into the default screen very quickly than the photoshop. PhotoFiltre software has more tools than photoshop tools. But this software has no layers which we have in Photoshop software. So we cannot move the effects which we made in our image. we cannot hide any effects or object in our image. This PhotoFiltre software is very easy to work and produce a good result in images. This software will make our image better and short the time effort.

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